Ukrainian Navy boats arrived in Varna

19 Aug 2019 ID:4623 Переглядів:399

After the forced delay in the Turkish Geldzhuk the training boats “Smila”, “Nova Kakhovka” and “Chigirin” again went to sea and made the transition to the port of Varna Bulgaria. This is the second destination for a cadet boat trip, where Ukrainian future officers will become familiar with the training process and facilities of the Navy Vaptsarov Naval Academy.
By the way, the Bulgarian Navy Academy is the oldest technical university in Bulgaria. It contributed not only to the development of the Bulgarian naval forces, but also to the growth of the country’s “technical intelligentsia” and to the development of the Bulgarian maritime industry. Today, the Naval Academy named after Nikola Vaptsarov is the highest national educational institution where the issues of national security and defense, maritime affairs and maritime technologies are studied and researched.
We will remind that this is the second hike in the composition of three training boats of the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the third after 2014. The main purpose of the hike is to acquire cadets maritime skills and practical training at sea, to carry the navigational watch, to work out many other responsibilities.