Crews of Ukrainian Islanders visited the Capitol

3 Sep 2019 ID:4838 Переглядів:430

Crew crews continue to train in the United States of America. However, Ukrainian naval officers are not only trained. In addition to mastering the management system, organization of work and service, they have the opportunity to relax. In particular, our military recently visited the famous Capitol, where the fate of America’s most important city is being built.

It is worth noting that this government building with a rich past did not leave any of our sailors indifferent, they were able to appreciate the small collection of paintings and sculptures, as well as visit the viewing platform at the base of the dome, which gave them a surprisingly beautiful panorama of the American.

Such a joint vacation is a common practice of our foreign colleagues, because in their opinion, it has a positive effect on the relationships within the team, increases the effectiveness of teamwork, unites and motivates the military to achieve common goals.