Donbass and Korets in Mariupol: navy ships of the Armed Forces of Ukraine arrived at their destination, despite provocations

25 Sep 2018 ID:2996 Переглядів:1,336

Today, September 25 at 09.35, the transition of a group of naval forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the port of Mariupol has ended with the event of the Marine tug ‘Korets’. It should be noted that Russia and this time did not refrain from provocations and fake.

Near the Mariupol raid in the anchorage area was an attempt to provoke a Russian frontier boat of the ‘Mongoose’ type, which has recently created such actions, dangerously maneuvering alongside the Ukrainian boat of the Marine Guard. Russia’s border boat tried to get close to our ships at high speed, but by decisive active actions of the crews of small armored artillery boats Lubny and Kremenchuk it was stopped and prevented from reaching the site of the search and rescue vessel ‘Donbass’ and the marine tug ‘Korets’.

In addition, some media began to spread another fake of Russian propaganda regarding allegedly paying pilotage services to an aggressor country. No payment for pilotage services following the Kerch Strait was carried out.

Press Center of the Naval Forces Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine