The freed Ukrainian crews of the Navy boats of the Armed Forces of Ukraine arrived in Odessa

14 Sep 2019 ID:5008 Переглядів:730

Today, on September 14, the crew of Nikopol, Berdyansk and Yana Kapu tugboats released from captivity arrived in Odessa. Representatives of the national fleet of Ukraine headed by the Chief of Staff – First Deputy Commander of the Ukrainian Navy Vice Admiral Andriy Tarasov, command and staff of the Naval Command, Naval Base, crews of ships, boats of the Ukrainian Navy, and the volunteers at the home harbor , clergy, members of the public, family and friends.

Chief of Staff – First Deputy Commander of the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Vice Admiral Andriy Tarasov personally congratulated our servicemen on their return to their homes and thanked them for their courage, endurance and unbrokenness in the face of the mean enemy.

The Kremlin prisoners in Odessa region greeted them with flowers and posters. Russia has held the Ukrainian military for more than nine months, but during this time none of them admitted to accusing them of accusations, thus our brothers became not just heroes, but a symbol of resilience and unbreakability of the Ukrainian warrior, which will bring up future generations.

Also symbolic was a gift from Odessa volunteers – the Flag of the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which is in support of the majors on the flagpole near the Odessa City Council. As the military noted, it is not just a flag, it is the embodiment of support for the entire Ukrainian people, who repeatedly helped them during difficult moments while in Russian prison.
But the most touching were the sailors who welcomed the children who, as a token of gratitude, gave the symbolic ships with which the Ukrainians carried out actions in support of our heroes throughout the whole time. Among them was a volunteer girl, Lydia Mishka, who presented her own drawing depicting the return of Ukrainian Navy boats to the Motherland.
The military again thanked everyone present for their unwavering faith in the defenders of Ukraine and their active public position.

Ahead of the crews of the boats deserved a rest, after which the military will again put into service the Ukrainian Navy and continue to perform the task as intended.

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