Coming to Odessa to continue tests arrived assault type boats of the type ‘Centaur’

19 Nov 2018 ID:3383 Переглядів:1,386

Today, November 19, the newly-built assault aircraft of project 58503 (‘Centaur’) arrived in Odessa to continue the test. At the moment, the factory tests of new combat units at the Kiev Shipbuilding Plant PrAT ‘Zavod’ Smith on Rybalsky ‘, where they were built by order of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine for the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, were completed.

The landing assault boats successfully transited their own engines from Kiev to Odessa, the next stage – the completion of the installation of equipment for refinement, running tests at sea and the transition to the state testing stage, – said the head of the shipbuilding department of the Naval Forces Command of Ukraine, Captain 1 rank Vasyl Radchuk. ‘During the construction of the boat, there were upgrades, including the installation of some new systems, which will now be tested for functionality, both individually and in the ship,’ he added.

It should be noted that this project has a number of differences from similar boats in the given class, including the speed of about 40 knots, the reservation, the ability to carry a navy and landing through the nasal aerial, as well as the presence of a jet system of salvo fire and combat modules.

Press center of the Navy Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine