Navy aviators “run-in” the upgraded Mi-8MSB-V

13 Sep 2019 ID:5001 Переглядів:676

In the naval aviation brigade of the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine there were flights within the framework of flight training of personnel. The helicopters Ka-27, Ka-226 were lifted into the air, as well as the modernized Mi-8MSB-B, which the brigade recently received into service.

At present, the flight crew is flying to gain admission to piloting this helicopter, training is provided day and night. The flight crew performs flights at different altitudes, trains to carry out tasks on cargo transportation, military equipment, personnel. In addition, they work on aerial reconnaissance and piloting issues during various emergency situations, such as single-engine landing flights and the like.

– We recently received a Mi-8 helicopter. He is able to perform various tasks – transport, combat. The helicopter has thermal reflectors that dissipate thermal radiation, which reduces the possibility of hitting missiles with homing thermal heads, – told the pilot-navigator of the helicopter unit of the flight squadron, Lieutenant Igor Deineka.

For his part, the MI-8MSB-B helicopter technician, senior lieutenant Maxim Bely, noted that the upgraded helicopter is similar in size to the M-14 flight characteristics, but there are differences. The upgraded Mi-8MSB-B helicopter has a new TV3-117VMA-SBM1V engine manufactured by Motor-Sich instead of TV2-117. This made it possible to improve its characteristics, such as reduced fuel consumption.

– For example, the thermocouple zone is moved to a lower temperature zone, the combustion chamber is made of a more heat-resistant coating, which extends the life of the engine. There are enough features and service. A new type of technique that you need to get used to. We are all very happy to be given new equipment. We are now waiting for another one of the same rotary wing, – added senior lieutenant Maxim White.