10 parts of the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine moved to a new food system in the catalog of products

23 Oct 2018 ID:3243 Переглядів:1,020

Educational institutions, gunners, marines and the Center for operational (combat) support of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine switched to a new system of food supply using a catalog of food products. The principle of the new power system is simple and understandable – the soldier is offered several dishes on the first, secondly, salads and fresh fruits.

The commander of the rear of the Naval Forces Command, Commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Oleksandr Andrukh, came to check the quality of the organization of food at the Operational (Military) Service Center: ‘We prepared major repairs of the dining room, equipment purchase, which facilitates the work of food service specialists. In the future, we plan to translate practically all the parts into a new system of nutrition, first of all, it concerns units that perform combat missions in the area of ​​the United Force. ‘

As the commander of the military unit Colonel Leonid Tsaran noted, work was also under way on training the rear staff, training cooks for the preparation of tasty and useful dishes. Chefs themselves sincerely admit: ‘We prepare for ourselves’. The staff, which has been able to choose lunch to taste with a full set of vitamins from October 23, has already highlighted the quality and variety of dishes.

Press center of the Navy Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine